@jon @writefreely Yep, in fact many people use it for that.

You can set your blog to "private" so no one else can access it, and then the only thing to do is make sure to hit "publish" after editing a post, if you're keeping notes across devices.

@write_as @writefreely That's great, thanks! In reading the documentation, it says there isn't currently a Docker pathway for running in production. Would the development setup be ok for a single user personal journal blog? Thanks again!

@jon @writefreely I believe it'd be fine, but I honestly don't know enough about Docker to know the potential issues -- project contributors did most of the work there. If you want, please feel free to open an issue here to help us get input from the community: github.com/writefreely/documen

I can say that running the application according to the normal install guide is definitely suitable for production use (especially if configured to use SQLite, to ease installation).

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